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Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History
Mesa of Sorrows: A History of the Awat'ovi Massacre
Indelible Ink: The Trials of John Peter Zenger and the Birth of America's Free Press
The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present
The Apparitionists: A Tale of Phantoms, Fraud, Photography, and the Man Who Captured Lincoln's Ghost
The Search for Cleopatra: The True Story of History's Most Intriguing Woman
Margaret Thatcher: The Autobiography
The French Revolution
Caste (Oprah's Book Club): The Origins of Our Discontents
So, You Want to Be Canadian: All About the Most Fascinating People in the World and the Magical Place They Call Home
Lincoln on the Verge: Thirteen Days to Washington
Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766
The Eagles of Heart Mountain: A True Story of Football, Incarceration, and Resistance in World War II America
The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
The Historical Atlas of the British Isles

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The Eagles of Heart Mountain: A True Story of Football, Incarceration, and Resistance in World War II America
Bag Man: The Wild Crimes, Audacious Cover-Up, and Spectacular Downfall of a Brazen Crook in the White House
First Principles: What America's Founders Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How That Shaped Our Country
Nazi Wives: The Women at the Top of Hitler's Germany
Saving Freedom: Truman, the Cold War, and the Fight for Western Civilization
Modern Warriors: Real Stories from Real Heroes
The Art of War
The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty, and War
The Canterbury Tales
Unsinkable: Five Men and the Indomitable Run of the USS Plunkett
The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X
I Marched with Patton: A Firsthand Account of World War II Alongside One of the U.S. Army's Greatest Generals
The Moth and the Mountain: A True Story of Love, War, and Everest
The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Decoding History's Unsolved Mysteries
Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost

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Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America Pre-Order Now
Icebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World Pre-Order Now
Queens of the Crusades: England's Medieval Queens Book Two Pre-Order Now
Robert E. Lee and Me: A Southerner's Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause Pre-Order Now
The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler's Ghettos Pre-Order Now
Obama: The Historic Presidency of Barack Obama - Updated Edition Pre-Order Now
The Daughters of Kobani: A Story of Rebellion, Courage, and Justice Pre-Order Now
The World Turned Upside Down: A History of the Chinese Cultural Revolution Pre-Order Now
A Thousand May Fall: Life, Death, and Survival in the Union Army Pre-Order Now
Central America's Forgotten History: Revolution, Violence, and the Roots of Migration Pre-Order Now
The Rope: A True Story of Murder, Heroism, and the Dawn of the NAACP Pre-Order Now
The M4 Carbine Pre-Order Now
Thaddeus Stevens: Civil War Revolutionary, Fighter for Racial Justice Pre-Order Now
The Writing Public: Participatory Knowledge Production in Enlightenment and Revolutionary France Pre-Order Now
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Pre-Order Now